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Wedding Videography Packages and Rates

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Chicago wedding videographer prices

How much should I spend on a videographer?

Pricing and rates for wedding videographers can vary, with prices ranging anywhere from $500 to the upwards of $5,000. How much you spend will be influenced by the equipment used, the size of the company, and how many hours you’d like the videographer to film. Additional items like drone footage, highlight films, extra cameras, and whether you want your wedding streamed will all influence pricing. 

We pride ourselves on offering beautiful footage while still being an affordable wedding videographer. We film and record audio with professional and high-quality cameras and audio equipment.  Our concern is quality over quantity. That means delivering the best footage we can, and ensuring that your experience working with us is also high-quality. 

Weddings are about love and not stress! Photos and videos look best when the couple is relaxed and having fun!  We also do our best work in these kinds of environments. 

Pricing for business-related videos and headshots are not available online. Use our contact page to provide more information and we will get back to you with a quote. 

For examples of our previous wedding videos and highlight reels, visit our wedding videography page.

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Wedding Videography pricing

How much should I pay for a wedding videographer? How do I find an affordable wedding videographer?