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Please inquire regarding rates for headshots and portrait photography.

My interest in video transitioned from an initial interest in photography. I was fascinated with learning how cameras worked and understanding the exposure triangle. I enjoyed composing shots and capturing people’s poses and candid expressions. I spent some time as a photographer’s assistant and branched out to take my own portraits of people. 

In the beginning stages of this exploration, I was grateful for the opportunity to take pictures of 3 founding members of The Family Stone in 2015. I met Cynthia Robinson, the original trumpet player for the band, Jerry Martini (saxophone), Greg Enrico (drums), and Sly and Cynthia’s daughter Phunne. Everyone was really easy to work with and I had a lot of fun that day. A few months later, someone from Wax Poetics reached out to me and wanted to feature one of my photos in an article about Cynthia Robinson. Although it wasn’t my best photo of her, it shows her and her daughter performing music together. I’m truly grateful to have had the opportunity to photograph them.

A couple years passed and I began to only focus on filming and editing video. The same concepts interested me, along with the addition of motion and timing. I’ve been primarily freelancing as a videographer and video editor since the fall of 2018. Recently, a friend asked me to take their portrait, and I sort of rediscovered a past interest of mine. I look forward to taking more portraits and travel photos in the near future. While I film weddings, I don’t currently have an interest in photographing weddings. If you’re reading this and that’s something you’re interested in, I can refer you to some friends who do an excellent job!